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We Are The UltimateCheerExperience

2021-2022 Event Dates

UCE - Dayton

Dayton, OH
December 11, 2021

UCE - Toledo

Toledo, OH
January 22, 2022

UCE - Louisville

Louisville, KY
February 5, 2022

The Title Weekend
UCE - Battle Creek

Battle Creek, MI
March 12, 2022

UCE - Akron

Akron, OH
March 13, 2022

UCE - Owensboro

Owensboro, KY
March 19, 2022

The Ultimate Championship

Flint, MI
April 9, 2022

April 9 – 10, 2022

Why UCE?

UCE, Ultimate Cheer Experience, developed in 2006. We pride ourselves on amazing events at an affordable price.  Experience one of our competitions this season!

UCE is exactly what they advertise…The ULTIMATE cheer EXPERIENCE! Great venue, friendly staff, Awesome awards, on time events, accurate and fair scoring and family fun atmosphere! Everything you want in a competition. Best part-affordable pricing! We will be back every year!

– Coach Dave

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